About Zr3i

Pioneers in the field of
smart agriculture


Zar3i is a leading Egyptian digital platform in the field of smart agriculture. It offers you the best smart solutions to manage and monitor your farm using satellite imagery. This helps you to avoid losses caused by climate change and poor irrigation, ensuring lower costs and efforts for higher productivity and profits.

It's time to digitize your farm! Start now with the Zar3i app with simple steps to register your farm and remotely monitor it.

What we do

The services we offer


Crop Insurance

Farm Fortress.
Farm risk insights from data.
Weather and climate risk alerts.
Tailored farm risk insurance.
Fast & fair claims handling.
Boost your farm's performance.

Crop Mgmt.

smart farm Mgmt. system.
Log of imp. instructions and alerts.
Satellite-based consulting.
Elevating produce standards.
Ag production monitoring.
Pricing analysis & guidance.

Crop Monitoring

agricultural land and crop analysis.
early detection of crop water stress.
satellite-based crop health analysis.
weather forecasts and reports.
RS & growth metrics
soil moisture monitoring.

Zr3i helps you succeed

Zr3i improves your work

employing the most up-to-date technological tools

Digital farming is the future of agriculture in Egypt

Zr3i Solutions

adaptable systems that meet the needs of all segments

Zr3i Features

a comprehensive platform that caters to all your needs


We turn technology into an ally in your agriculture, whether you are an individual farmer or part of an agricultural company. Our application helps you online and on mobile, providing solutions that include resource planning and customer management to increase the efficiency of your work. We offer accurate indicators and analyzes of satellite images to monitor crops and detailed reports to enhance your agricultural performance, as well as insurance options to protect your investment.

Do you aspire to produce agricultural crops of the highest quality and yield?

You can now subscribe for free and download the app to enjoy the benefits of Zr3i