Zr3i Farm Solutions

Zr3i for Small Farms

Farmers need simple and easy-to-use technologies to optimize the management of fields and crops. Our solution for small farms includes the function of drawing and mapping the fields, monitoring the weather forecast, and consulting satellite images about crop health (Sentinel 2 NDVI vigor index every 5 days). Farmers in small farms will also be able to follow up on different steps of the crop management process with records for each activity.

We're currently working on some exciting updates to help farmers to:
• Manage farm officer authorities over field areas
• Follow-up on farmers duties and activities over each field
• Geo-tagging for periodic audit over assigned fields
• Calculate fertilizer amount and based on field status
• Estimate for water volume that field expected to consume

Zr3i for Medium/Big Farms

Zr3i aims to help large and medium farms reach their highest potential and generate maximum profits with the least possible waste. Our advisory services have empowered aspiring farmers in various agricultural activities.

Our plan for large and medium farms include all functions of the basic plan in addition to:
• Enable additional plans for smart warehousing, product tracking, CRM sales, and orders.
• Support the decisions of farmers and technicians by integrating data from forecasting and remote sensing models along with standard ERP.
• CRM services, besides studying, monitoring, and reviewing the market situation first hand to keep up with it when making crop decisions.
• Sharing and identifying the most suitable crops for cultivation with the highest profit and return.
• Providing agricultural information during the planting period and offering services that help sell the crop harvested of farmlands.
• Possibility to plot fields and monitor weather forecasts by sending satellite images about crop health (NDVI Vigor Index every 5 days).

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