Today, Digital Agriculture Technology, an array of technological innovations seeking to find solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the agriculture and food industry, established as a relevant area for start-ups with the potential to not only create innovations, but to also generate transformative changes in the way of producing food with a positive impact on environmental, social and economic aspects. In recent years, the world have witnessed an increase in AGRI tech’s technological innovation throughout the agriculture and food sector, an ongoing phenomenon that continues to expand in the region and across different productive sectors.

An innovation wave sustained on global technological convergence, but also on fundamental factors linked to the environment, consumer demand, public policies and the dynamics of agricultural producers, all of which drive innovation to develop more sustainable and efficient agriculture. Digital Agriculture Technology innovations find fertile ground for development and expansion in the region, with the growing support provided by incubators, accelerators and venture capital funds that continue to emerge in the region.

Personally, am planning to launch the first Digital AGRI application here in Egyptian market and Arabic world. I believe there is great potential for entrepreneurship here. Souq , Swvl , Careem and Vezeeta represents successful business models and show cases that I believe our startup has the same chances. How can we cooperate to entrepreneur this initiative in the region?

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