Executive Summary

The momentum of smart agriculture in Egyptian market and the Middle East has the influence to grow rapidly. Entrepreneur role to find potential opportunity and then to work on building People maturity to be ready to adopt new technology innovation, farmers are not the most innovative, while business indicators point out for a golden opportunity for a business Glory. Intention to approach the market with convenient solution on time, launching the first Digital AGRI application here in Egypt and the Arabic world. Zr3i.com aimed to be the first Pioneer Arabic application in Smart AGRI domain in the region. Egypt and Middle East region have been suffering from common and regular stresses that both affecting the Agriculture industry, Water resources stress is a significant subject in Middle East region, Economic conditions Stress is also affecting the region deeply that especially in Egypt accelerating under economic and social transformation happening.

The agriculture industry are in enormous distress because of
  • Increasing cost of cultivation
  • High risk & access to finance
  • Low realization from sale
  • Insight vacuum
  • Resources limitations

With a growing world population and finite farmland, sustainable agriculture is an imperative. However, it takes huge amounts of data—and user-friendly APIs—to give farmers the insights they need to maximize yields and minimize the environmental cost of agriculture. Farmers rely on traditional weather forecasts, which are typically too broad for the small land areas they are farming. As a result, their yields often fall well below the world average. Additionally, farmers typically overpay for household and farming supplies by 20-30%, affecting their ability to earn a maximum profit. Egypt Gov announced their plans to release a 100 Billion Egyptian Pounds 6 year’s smart irrigation/Agriculture national wide plan/program. Launching will be in 2020, supporting programs and financing facilities and incentives starting to be announced.

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