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1- Small Holder Farm owners – individuals – (B2C)

Egyptian market has about 9 million Acres of agricultural land, subjected to different irrigation techniques. The effects of climate change and other factors such as greater urbanization increase the pressure on the availability of water for irrigation. Many producers lack irrigation systems management to optimize decision-making and reduce the impact on the use of water and energy. In Egypt, there is big momentum for new technologies and there are ongoing plans for cultivating more than 2.5 million acres of new Land in the desert adopting latest irrigation technologies. Currently, 50,000 Agriculture Associating entity are operating in the Egyptian market to support 10 million Small holder Farmers through their cultivation process ZR3I.COM Offering:

Digital Farmers (Basic Functions and Features)
  • Farmers get information including what to grow, when to grow, what inputs to use as well as ensure quality of inputs they are using. Further, farmers can also be imparted skills needed to be better farmers and agriculture businesses
  • Identification of right variety crops for farmers’ land.
  • Date wise advisory for activities with relevant actionable data insights.
  • Ensuring increase in farmer’s profitability through whole Farming process mapping.
  • Making available genuine & relevant inputs at required time & market linkage for your harvest.
  • Trust creation through technology intervention.
  • Social community that could help farmer to share new ideas or inquiries.
  • a Crop knowledge bank, includes information about diversity of crops calendar, disease, seasons and expected cost.
  • This solution will be available on at 30 EGP per user per month.
Agripreneurs (Super Users – Service Engineers, digital Farm owners)
  • Bridging Gap by Delivering Prosperity through Agripreneurs ,a village level entrepreneur, having an Agriculture Background, Agripreneurs help farmers at villages and at the same time making earning by doing consulting services.
  • Agripreneurs support fellow farmers across the crop cycle with selecting correct (profitable, high yield) crop, Deliver insights in form of a dynamic farm plan customized to each farmer .Make available relevant agri-inputs and facilitate ancillary services
  • Help in the sale of the harvested crop.
  • Agripreneurs can also help provide various other value added services including delivery of Government Schemes, Micro- Finance & Financial Inclusion services, Logistic & Last Mile E-Commerce services in villages of their coverage.
  • Egyptian farmers need simple and easy to use technologies for optimize the management of fields and crops. In the first step of the collaboration, ZR3I proposes: ▪ Basic solutions for small Egyptian farms.
  • This solution provides the possibility to draw the fields, monitor weather forecast and consult satellite images about crop health (NDVI vigour index every 5 days).
  • This solution will be on cloud platform and App mobile will be available soon (ZR3I.COM is working on it and working on offline App mobile for having a better connectivity).
  • Marketplace services will be provided to subscriber Agripreneurs users where they will be able to offer their farm to fork traced harvest online through ZR3I.COM portal (Market Place for Farm to Fork Crops)
  • This solution will be available on at 100 EGP per user per month.

Market research

1- Farmers - B2C ZR3I.COM for farmers empower them through Agripreneurs (a village level entrepreneur,/Agriculture Engineers) and directly through power of mobile and smart devices, delivering them Information, Expertise, and Resources, to increase their Productivity & Profitability hence improving their Standard of Living. Digi AGRI Arabia creates a holistic ecosystem, which smoothens the information needs and requirements of the farmer while making the effective and efficient use of resources simpler for them. Farmers need to be extremely precise to help for two question, when and how they farm. Need guidance on planting, fertilizing, and harvesting. 1.1. Economics: The Arabic World has around 380 Million Population. We will start launching in Egypt for 1st year. KSA, UAE and other Arabic world markets planned for 2nd year of operation. 1.2. Egyptian Market: Egypt is the biggest population country in the region with 102 Million population. Around 10 Million Farmer works in the Agriculture industry in Egypt, which is 10 % of the population, mostly are urban population. 43% are Urban Population. 90% use Smartphone, 54% use internet, 41% are social media users were FB has 92% market share. Android has 90% market share. 51% of internet users do online purchase. Digital Marketing : o SMM: Therefore, for a market segment of 10 Million, 90% use smart phone, 54 % use internet, 41% use social media, that mean that we have around 4- 5 Million Farmer as potential viewer of Zr3I Application. With 4 % average advertising conversion, rate on FB, That means that 200,000 Farmer are potential users for application. With 0.02 $ CPC average, that means that to we should expect to have a FB marketing budget of 4,000 $ to reach this user base of 200,000 FB follower. Assuming 2.5% will be interested to pay for these new services, so expected 5,000 individual Farmer to buy Subscription in first year against direct market activities on FB. o SEO: Similar assumptions can be used for Search Engine optimization, to invest an average of 4,000 $ on SEO to be able to reach 200,000 Website viewer and 5000 subscriber 2- Agriculture Corporates (B2B)

  • Making Agriculture Corporates Sustainable & Impactful!
  • This market segment is relevantly a huge market and is mainly subdivided into 2 main categories
  • Optimization of your supply chain by leveraging efficient, trustable and transparent technology
  • Ensuring your involvement to ensure food security by new age digital agriculture.
  • Awareness of farming activities based upon credit rating of farmers through real-time insights can help finance & insurance companies to ensure risk mitigation
  • Assistance in creating data-driven organization by leveraging Big Data and delivering insights in actionable manner
2.1 Agriculture cultivating companies: This market segment has companies who operates few no of Acres and Farmers up to companies who are operating thousands of Acres and have hundreds of service engineers, farmers and labors in the operation. This is a 1 thousand + corporate market segment. 2.2 – Agriculture Exporting Companies Egypt Agriculture exports have seen tremendous increase in Agriculture products exports and become global world leaders in several Fruits and vegetables market Around 500 active corporates are driving this market segment. 2.3 – Agri inputs and suppliers companies There are more than 1 thousand company providing the local market in Egypt with needed Fertilizers, insecticides, Dripping irrigation and other Agri inputs products supporting the industry. B2B solution designed to meet diversity size of farms that give business wide range of selection according to farms owner needs, and flexibility to adopt to convenient package between: ZR3I.COM solution for small farms Egyptian farmers need simple and easy to use technologies for optimize the management of fields and crops. In the first step of the collaboration, ZR3I proposes: ▪ Basic solutions for small Egyptian farms. This solution provides the possibility to draw the fields, monitor weather forecast and consult satellite images about crop health (Sentinel 2 NDVI vigor index every 5 days). Ability to follow on crop management process in different steps with the capability to have records for each activity, also this will have:
  • Manage Farm officer authorities over field areas more than 10 Fadden
  • Follow-up farmers duties and activities over each field
  • Geo-Tagging for periodic audit over assigned fields
  • Calculate fertilizer amount and based on field status
  • Estimate for water volume that field expected to consume
This solution will be on cloud platform and App mobile. On the App mobile Sentinel 2 will be available soon, (ZR3I.COM is working on it and on offline App mobile for having a better connectivity). This solution will be available on at 1200 EGP per user per year. will provide Help Desk management to final users in Arabic language and uses a specific software, which allows the management of the requests and the Help Desk chat inside the platform. ZR3I.COM Professional solutions for medium or big farmers This option includes additional ERP for Smart warehousing and product traceability and CRM Sales and orders management services. These solutions provide a complete agronomic management and support the decisions of farmers and technicians by integrating data from forecast models, crop scouting, and remote sensing along with Standard ERP,CRM services. These solutions will be available starting from 2500 EGP per user per year (the final cost depends on hectares and features requested). The B2B Targeted market segment has about 3000 Corporates that can utilize ZR3I.COM services. As industry and technology guiding indication figures , we expect to have 2.5% early adopters segment from the B2B Market segment within first year of launching, with an average of 10-20 users per company as an assumption , for a total of around 75 corporate to be enrolled and around 1000 corporate user in 1st year. 3 – Government & NGOs
  • Ensuring Best Technology Support in Policy Decision Making!
  • Monitoring & Benchmarking of Projects!
  • Strategic advisory to create incentive policy by real-time insights and leveraging technology.
  • Domain expertise and technology helps us to aid local, provincial and federal government bodies in chalking out smart strategies & rolling out specific data-driven schemes.
  • Leveraging cutting edge digital technologies lead to enable our food growers more effectively
  • Impact assessments, government scheme monitoring using technology to ensure food security
  • Leveraging technology provides real-time visibility of on-ground activities against Project s’ benchmarks. Technology has a big potential in optimizing development services.
  • Combination of technology expertise & business intelligence allow organizations to advice smallholder farmer for implementing projects in efficient manner. Technology helps to deliver envisioned benefits to the targeted audience.
  • Any achieved deal with NGO and Government , will have a very special rate for pricing and also will be a big bang deal for Zr3I.COM
  • Although this is the main driving market segment for similar business in the world, will consider it a must have business but a nice to have revenue.
4 – Banks, Financial Institutions & Insurance Companies
  • Risk reduction through real-time monitoring!
  • Monitoring & Tracking of Credit!
  • Credit rating will help in market generation based upon farming activities
  • Financial support to farmers as per identification
  • Risk profiling of the farmer and its crop
  • Monitoring in real-time information for credit provide crop parameters
  • Financial inclusion will create trust for those who are at the bottom of the pyramid
  • Data insights for creating risk product based upon crop, farm & farmer
  • Last mile access to farmers by ensuring risk mitigation
  • Better risk profiling depending upon crop and farmer's farming activity background
  • Monitoring in real-time of the crop for which insurance is given.
  • This market segment planned to tackle after 1 year of operation and existing customers.

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