General Description

Mission Statement:

ZR3I.COM is coming to democratize the industry and to avail best of breed technologies for providing Localized digital agriculture services around the globe. Technology is the key for this industry to help ease the stresses of the agriculture industry. Localization is necessary for the industry to adopt these new technologies with different segments of farming end user, with variety and plenty of functions and features. Egypt and the Middle East can be relevantly easy to penetrate with Social media, The Agriculture industry and market education through convenient SMM, SEO and market development activities. The mission of ZR3I.COM is to support farmers and agricultural operators in optimizing agronomic practices, by using the most modern technologies of data collection and analysis. The core of the company is a cloud-based ecosystem of precision farming applications: Decision Support Systems, forecast models, smart pest and disease control, remote sensing. A complete solution for most agronomic needs.

Solution Goals and Objectives:

ZR3I.COM founded to meet the challenge of optimizing agricultural processes, with the goal of becoming one of the first players in the precision farming market in Egypt and the Arabic World. ZR3I.COM is a dynamic, lean and agile innovative solution, born from the synergy of the skills of agronomic, business and IT experts and scientists. Based on more than twenty years of experience in research, analysis, consultancy and development of applications for agriculture.

ZR3I.COM affects farmers’ profitability in the 1st year of implementation:
  • Reduction in Cost by 10-15 %
  • Increase in Productivity by 10-15 %
  • Increased Income by 20-30 %

Digi AGRI Arabia enabled services delivered to farmers as well as ecosystem players through various modes including mobile applications, web based management tools and dashboard, social farm community, Crop knowledge bank, SMS, and Voice based channels and automated chat bots to ensure contextual information delivered to variety of farmers seamlessly.

Business Philosophy:

Launching the first pioneer digital Agriculture Arabic Mobile application platform providing best of breed AI, ML, GIS technologies addressed to the Egyptian market as start for precise farming and farm to fork solutions and expanding to the Arabic world. Famers and the agriculture industry players in the region need to be ready to adopt this new technology and farmers are not the most innovative, but when the timing is now and all indicators say so, here comes the excellent opportunity for Glory. ZR3I.COM going to address Market adoption resistance by localization and Customer Experience through rigid Agile go to market technologies. ZR3I.COM is not re-inventing the wheel but on a plan to pioneer the region with best of breed proven technologies through partnership with technology ecosystems and key stakeholders to build a localized lean startup to lead this digital agriculture industry in the region.

Corporate Objectives:

Main objective to address five pillars:

1- Public: through governmental organizations to adopt our technology and solutions to reach key strategic deals. 2- Private (B2B) : Providing best of breed SAAS offering customized to B2B , with modular and no of users, subscription offering for private agriculture companies in the region. Ads and corporate sponsorship is another source of revenue. 3- NGOs and Donors: Believing in the global SDG and living the Social Impact and with our value add services. This pillar is key to support our startup. WB, UN, FAO, WHO, IFAD, IFRPD, UNTIL among others will be willing to repeat the success stories happening around the globe and support it locally and regionally in the Middle East and the Arabic World. 4- Individual (B2C): adopt Uber go to market approach to provide Super administrator user subscription (Uber Driver) and regular user (Individual Farmer). 5- Applying to local and regional Startup, Venture capital, Angel Investors and Incubator programs. This domain has been very active in the region, and the whole ecosystem has grown tremendously in the past few years and enormous support is already available for the right solutions.

Legal form of ownership:

Sole proprietor and under stablishing the legal entity as a Limited liability corporation (LLC)

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