Crop Monitoring

Satellite remote sensing

Zr3i Platform provides you with a satellite crop monitoring service that enables you to increase your profit and avoid loss .

Remote sensing and growth indicators

Remote sensing and indicators both play important roles in precision agriculture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .

Water Stress Alert

، Monitoring for early detection of water stress is a very decsive practical way as it reduces negative impacts on crops and helps control irrigation processes and significantly improves farming. The service sends a report of the level of plant water through the satellite every 5-10 days.

Weather forecasts and detailed reports

The Zar3i platform offers a 14-day weather forecasting service and offers tips to avoid potential losses due to climate changes.It is done by communicating with the nearest weather station and sending alerts and reports forecasting models about the climate through the app to take the necessary measures and reduce attack rates in crops.

Monitoring crop health

Farmers identify their field on the map, identify the part where crop growth is abnormal, and determine whether the problem has already started,Accordingly, the system also provides two different sets of images. for the Crop Health in Early Growth Stages

Soil moisture and water monitoring

Zar3ee Platform offers soil moisture and water monitoring services using space technology and satellites. This service significantly contributes to improving agricultural operations and increasing productivity.

Farm Field Insights

Cultivation of crops varies from one type to another depending on the type of soil used for cultivation, so the zar3i platform offers a soil analysis service and provides you with detailed reports and identification of nutrients and chemical elements available in the plant and not Determine the appropriate and compatible crop type for the soil.

Providing a smart system to manage the farm efficiently

Crop Mgmt.

Controlling all fields, crops, and tasks

Agricultural crop insurance

Comprehensive coverage

Farm Fortress.
Farm risk insights from data.
Weather and climate risk alerts.
Insurance coverage for specific agriculture risks
Fast & fair claims handling.
Boost your farm's performance.